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Recklinghausen to Heidekamp - by train, bus

Use the journey planner above to find all travel options from Recklinghausen to Heidekamp. Plan your trip, combine and compare transportation providers such as for example: Railway agencies, Bus operators. Be assured that the journey is well planned and organized according to your chosen option of transportation from beginning till the end by Combitrip when you travel from Recklinghausen to Heidekamp. From Recklinghausen to Heidekamp, the travel time is around 5 hours 48 minutes by car. For short trips, Combitrip gives guidance in selecting options such as public transport, carshare, taxi, and the likes. If you are having a hard time deciding what option to take, Combitrip can help you with that. At Combitrip, you just enter your very departure and destination, not the station nor airport, and Combitrip figures out which airports or stations are the best, cheapest, most efficient to use. With these information provided, you can make smart travel decisions that is perfect for your timeline and budget.


The train station in Recklinghausen is located near the center. The nearest airport to Recklinghausen is located at 5.5 km (10 minutes by car) and is called Marl-Loemühle Airfield. More airports near Recklinghausen.


The nearest train station to the center of Heidekamp is located at 3.2 km (8 minutes by car) distance and is called Reinfeld (Holst). More train stations near Heidekamp. The nearest airport to Heidekamp is located at 16.9 km (19 minutes by car) and is called Lübeck Blankensee Airport. More airports near Heidekamp.

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