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Kekerdom - Opeinde | Trains, Buses, Taxi's, Carshare


Compare Train, Bus, Carshare and Taxi from Kekerdom to Opeinde. Just enter date and time of departure in the journey planner above. Plan your trip, combine and compare transportation providers such as for example: NS, Arriva, Syntus, Connexxion, GVB, HTM, RET. From Kekerdom [LAT: 51.86462, LNG: 6.00941] to Opeinde [LAT: 53.13479, LNG: 6.05553] is 169.5 km. Driving towards Opeinde from Kekerdom is about 2 hours 30 minutes.



The nearest train station to the center of Kekerdom is located at 3.6 km (8 minutes by car) distance and is called Nijmegen Millingen Sportpark, Niederlande. More train stations near Kekerdom. The nearest airport to Kekerdom is located at 28.5 km (29 minutes by car) and is called Deelen Air Base. More airports near Kekerdom. CombiTrip also compares taxi's in Opeinde , and car rentals in Opeinde , all in one neat overview.


The nearest train station to the center of Opeinde is located at 15.2 km (18 minutes by car) distance and is called De Westereen Netherlands. More train stations near Opeinde. The nearest airport to Opeinde is located at 42 km (41 minutes by car) and is called Eelde Airport. More airports near Opeinde.



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