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CombiTrip is a worldwide multimodal journey planner. It searches for relevant itineraries no matter where you are or where you are heading, worldwide. This platform allows you to compare all your travel options including public transportation, flights, coaches, trains, taxis and a lot more. Just enter any location for the start of the journey and a destination, and objectively compare all your travel options based on the entire itinerary from door to door.


With combitrip.com, travelers can compare many relevant travel options for every type of transport in just a few clicks. By calculating the entire journey, from and to every possible place worldwide, and through proposing alternatives such as train, coach, taxi and carpool, CombiTrip wants to help travelers make better choices. After all, a journey starts at the front door.


On the medium distances, the flight is often a small part of the total travel time. The journey to and from the airport and checking in quickly takes longer than the flight itself. For example, it is only one an hour's flight to London and that is often possible for a few tens. A train journey from Amsterdam central to central London takes five hours. With the plane this almost always takes longer. To avoid misunderstandings, CombiTrip compares all relevant travel options from door to door, including the way to the airport, train or bus station, based on total travel time, price and other travel details.




On the combi trip you first choose the outward journey and then the return journey. This is not only clearer, but this allows you to choose any return journey, whether by train, plane, bus or carpool or just a return trip with the same carrier. This not only provides a lot of flexibility, but combining two budget airlines and / or another route can sometimes save a lot of money.




CombiTrip is the first website where travelers can fully adjust their journey to their own wishes in terms of price, luxury, comfort and route. After entering the basic data and one or more preferred means of transport, after a few seconds many alternatives and the associated data for the entire journey appear on the screen, including any cycling or walking routes. The required tickets can then be booked directly with the travel providers themselves. This way, travelers can compare many travel options in one website visit with this unique travel planner.


CombiTrip is a MaaS provider within the Netherlands. With CombiTrip it is possible to plan the journey multimodally with almost all forms of transport such as: (OV) bicycle, train, shared car, rental car, carpool and all existing means of public transport. The journey planning of public transport is based on real-time travel information. The moment a traveler plans a trip with CombiTrip, the planning algorithm takes the situation at that moment into account and will, for example, propose an alternative route if there is a delay on the usual route. So you always get to see the most efficient trips for that moment. There is also real-time information about the number of available bicycles at a location and almost all prices (also internationally) are the current prices. Apart from the payment (CombiTrip refers to for payment), CombiTrip is a full MaaS provider.

CombiTrip expects a universal payment solution for almost everything that you want to buy or reserve. As soon as there is such a solution, we want to use it for our mobility solutions. Now CombiTrip sends customers to the cheapest provider, which sometimes requires you to book with multiple providers. If there is a universal payment solution, we are happy to implement it to make buying / reserving a ticket (or more tickets) even easier.

More MaaS providers may also be added, see this article.


The carpooling offer in the Netherlands and Europe is growing fast and therefore CombiTrip includes all registered European carpooling options in its travel advice. Carpooling is often much cheaper and as easy and safe as traveling by train. For example, there are carpool options between Amsterdam and Utrecht almost every day, for an average of half the price of regular public transport.


Carpooling is actually riding with someone who is heading in the same direction. Most people find it very common for work and hobby to ride together. For less frequent journeys, the benefits are increasingly seen of traveling together. This is not only more pleasant, but it also saves travel costs, parking problems, traffic jams and exhaust gasses.


The travel advice from other route planners is usually based on a boarding place that can be reached on foot. However, many Dutch people cycle to public transport, which means they travel a lot at the same time  can cover a greater distance. If you fill in combitrip.com to start and / or end your journey by bike, you will in many cases receive surprisingly different travel advice and a considerably shorter travel time.


For example, those who choose to go by bike on combitrip.com will be advised to use a boarding point a little further away from home or an express bus within cycling distance instead of a city bus which stops every few hundred meters. Especially in urban areas the range of buses, trams and subways is so large that it is almost impossible to find the best boarding location manually.


If both the starting and ending points of the journey are in the Netherlands, travelers can indicate on combitrip.com whether they want to start and end their journey on foot, by bike, by car or by taxi. Within a few seconds, multiple travel advice will be displayed on the screen, iIncluding the associated costs, boarding points and times and the cycling or walking routes. Even the time needed to park the bike is in the travel advice included. This way, travelers can use this multi-modal door-to-door CombiTrip travel planner to quickly and easily find the most optimal route for the combination and public transport.


CombiTrip has a wide choice from many shared cars and rental cars. Shared cars are cars owned by car owners who are willing to rent out their car. In addition to the travel advice with public transport, this can be a good alternative for people who do not have access to a car. This means that the Combitrip travel planner can now quickly provide several inexpensive travel advice.


Especially if travelers suspect that their public journey will not be optimal, for example due to a poor connection or work on the track, CombiTrip recommends sharing the icon for shared cars and rental cars. Sharing cars are cars rented out by private individuals through organizations such as Snappcar. Rental cars are fairly new cars that are rented out by companies such as Avis, Europcar, and Sixt. Certainly as one rental car or shared car with several people can be rented, this can be a cheap alternative to public transport.


The multi-modal door-to-door CombiTrip trip planner makes planning trips around the world easier. After entering the start and end points, travelers can choose which means of transport they want for their journey. Within a few seconds, many alternatives are on the screen, including the associated costs, boarding places and times and the cycling or walking routes. The rental car or shared car is possible then book directly on the provider's website. This allows travelers to compare many travel options quickly and easily.


CombiTrip relieves international travelers of a lot of searching. Previously, four different websites were quickly needed to plan and compare international journeys from door to door. One for travel within the Netherlands, one for comparing flights, then possibly a website for international train journeys and one for traveling in the destination country. By adding the international train planner of all train connections throughout Western Europe and North America on combitrip.com, travelers now only need one website to view prices and travel times for both national and international travel comparisons.


Those who want to travel abroad can now arrange all this themselves via the internet. With the current comparison sites, a cheap flight ticket is quickly found. Figuring out the price and duration of the total journey, however, is often still a challenge. For example, early flights cannot always be combined with public transport. Departing from an airport other than Schiphol can then be an option are but which ones? For shorter journeys, an international train journey can even be cheaper and faster, because no extra costs and time are lost for transporting and collecting the luggage.


After entering the basic data as starting point and final destination and one or more preferred means of transport on combitrip.com, after a few seconds many alternatives and all associated data for the entire trip on the screen. So not only the total travel time, but also the costs, boarding and transfer places and times and even any cycling or walking routes. The required tickets can subsequently be booked with the travel providers themselves. With this unique travel planner, travelers can compare many travel options for both the outward and return journeys by comparing single way tickets with return tickets. Only one website visit is needed to make up your mind.


If you travel to Schiphol Airport or the center of Amsterdam, you do not have to pay for parking. The smart travel planner from CombiTrip makes it realjk possible to drive by car to a free parking space and travel the last bit by public transport. The location of this parking space is determined by an algorithm so that you have the best connection with the car and public transport.


Free parking is not only good for the wallet, but parking outside the city will also help reduce air pollution. According to the WHO, 7 million people die of particulate matter annually. Environmental defense has a top 10 of multi-smoking communities where residents smoke an average of 6 to 7 cigarettes a day. Perhaps in a few years' time we will find it just as incomprehensible that there are exhaust fumes in cities as we now find it incomprehensible that you used to stand in a steaming pub as a non-smoker.


With this new functionality in the travel planner, CombiTrip wants to make a first contribution to this underexposed global problem. The ever-better selection of strategic locations with parking spaces and public transport connections (mobility hubs) will be a continuous process whereby cities can be accessed more and more easily.


It is simple: the traveler enters a departure, arrival and time on the combitrip.com website and then clicks search. In the preference screen that is then shown, the icon with the "car + P" can be "checked" at the departure or arrival of the journey so that you can travel via a parking space close to departure or destination. The result screen shows the entire travel overview from door to door and the traveler can immediately start the route planner for the car journey.


The goal of CombiTrip is to use our available mobility in a much smarter way, by combining all the offerings on one platform such as: Public transport, Partial bicycles, Taxis, Partial cars, Rental cars, own car and Carpool. This gives the traveler many alternatives besides driving a car and will be more inclined to switch from the car to other, often more sustainable, transport. In addition, CombiTrip also provides international travel advice: a worldwide range of Trains, Buses, (budget) Airlines, Rental cars and Ferries. For international journeys, the door-to-door travel advice shows that the train is often a good alternative in terms of total travel time and price for a flight.


CombiTrip also offers APIs related to travel planning and maps. CombiTrip also offers a platform where you can easily manage the renting of your own holiday house through different platforms, you can sign-up here or contact by mail for more information.


Hi my name is Bastiaan and I'm the founder of CombiTrip. I am a farmer and all-round entrepreneur living and working in the Netherlands. CombiTrip is my baby, an intriguing project that I do on the side of my day-to-day work. I taught myself how to code and built this platform over time. There are abundant means of transportation such as trains, buses, airplanes, cars, and I believe we can use those more efficiently if they are bundled and combined on a single platform. The aim of CombiTrip is to provide the best possible comparison of travel options to any location worldwide!

Happy travels!