Free parking throughout the Netherlands

If you are traveling to Schiphol Airport or the center of Amsterdam, you no longer have to pay for parking. The smart travel planner from CombiTrip makes it possible to drive a car to a free parking space and travel the last part by public transport. The location of this parking space is determined by an algorithm so that you have the best connection with the car and public transport.

Free parking is not only good for the wallet, but parking outside the city will also help reduce air pollution. According to the WHO, 7 million people die of particulate matter annually. Environmental defense has a top 10 of multi-smoking communities where residents smoke an average of 6 to 7 cigarettes a day. Perhaps in a few years' time we will find it just as incomprehensible that there are exhaust fumes in cities as we now find it incomprehensible that you used to stand in a steaming pub as a non-smoker.

With this new functionality in the travel planner, CombiTrip wants to make a first contribution to this underexposed global problem. The ever-better selection of strategic locations with parking spaces and public transport connections (mobility hubs) will be a continuous process whereby cities can be accessed more and more easily.

It is simple: the traveler enters a departure, arrival and time on the website and then clicks search. In the preference screen that is then shown, the icon with the "car + P" can be "checked" at the departure or arrival of the journey so that you can travel via a parking space close to departure or destination. The result screen shows the entire travel overview from door to door and the traveler can immediately start the route planner for the car journey.

The goal of CombiTrip is to use our available mobility in a much smarter way, by combining all the offerings on one platform such as: Public transport, Partial bicycles, Taxis, Partial cars, Rental cars, own car and Carpool. This gives the traveler many alternatives besides driving a car and will be more inclined to switch from the car to other, often more sustainable, transport. In addition, CombiTrip also provides international travel advice: a worldwide range of Trains, Buses, (budget) Airlines, Rental cars and Ferries. For international journeys, the door-to-door travel advice shows that the train is often a good alternative in terms of total travel time and price for a flight.

Launch of new site

New unique trip planner makes traveling easier

CombiTrip launches unique global, door-to-door, travel planner

With the launch of the global multi-modal CombiTrip trip planner, planning and booking trips from today will be a lot easier. In just a few clicks, travelers can now compare all relevant travel options for each type of transport on By calculating the entire journey, from and to every possible place worldwide, and by proposing alternatives such as train, coach, flights and carpool, CombiTrip wants to help travelers make better choices. After all, a journey starts at the front door.

CombiTrip is the first website that allows users to plan both national and international door-to-door journeys with various forms of transportation such as flights, trains, buses and carpool. Especially at shorter distances there are often many travel options and a door-to-door overview provides insight into which flight route is the fastest or cheapest, or whether, for example, the train is a good alternative.

Selecting the outward and return journeys separately is unique and provides more flexibility. For example, the user can choose the outward journey by plane and the way back via another airport, or by train, coach or carpool. This can be cheaper or faster than a return flight with the same airline. Selecting this separately also makes it possible, for example, to find out the fastest route for the outward journey and a tourist return journey or the cheapest total journey. Everything is possible with CombiTrip, and the user can indicate whether use is made of this flexibility or whether only returns via the same provider are considered.

After entering the basic data such as starting point and final destination and one or more preferred means of transport, after a few seconds many alternatives and all related data for the entire journey will appear on the screen. So not only the total travel time, but also the costs, boarding and transfer places and times including any cycling or walking routes. After choosing from all these options, the required tickets can then be booked directly with the travel providers themselves. This way, travelers can compare all travel options with each other in just one website visit with this new unique travel planner.