Launch 29-7-2017

Best Way To Plan Your Journey Door To Door


All travel options compared in one comprehensive overview

Travel smart and cheap with Combitrip by exploiting the numerous fast and economical travel itineraries it provides. Combitrip is a Dutch start-up that offers travellers the convenience to plan their journey in a very detailed and comprehensive manner on a simple click of a button. What makes it unique is the ability to plan the journey not merely between two cities or areas, but any two random points on the globe. What good does that do? Travellers often end up spending more time and money on travel options comparing only the flights, trains and buses and ignoring the incidental costs (e.g. taxi fare to reach the airport, excess check-in time at airport, etc.) Getting the cheapest flight is not always the best option and at times a fast railway connection might make more sense considering all the incidental cost and time spend on air travel. Realizing this, Combitrip plans the journey from door-to-door covering all incidental costs and time, and reveals insightful routes between two points to enable the users to make a more informed and sensible choice.

The highly detail oriented search engine of Combitrip analyses all the travel modes including flights, buses, trains, local public transportation, car rentals and rideshare, and provides the optimum route choices to the traveller. Its comprehensive database looks through all the relevant airports and airlines carriers for that particular route to make sure that the users get the best possible price.

Another key highlight of Combitrip is the ease of comparing the available travel options in one comprehensive overview it presents. The detailed, yet organized overview enables the users to easily navigate through the suggested travel itineraries and choose the one which best suits their personal preferences based on costs, timing and duration. A traveller can choose while searching if he/she wants the fastest or the cheapest route. With all the transportation prices and schedules updated, Combitrip makes it easier for travellers to compare the available options based on time and cost and choose what suits them best. It not only allows you to choose which train, bus or flight to catch, but also provides the information about check-in time, etc. and the route to get to the airport, train or bus station using public transport and other available options.

Combitrip also makes it possible for users to combine different travel modes for outbound and inbound journey, providing maximum flexibility in the travel plan. It first lets you select the outbound journey based on its timing, cost and duration and then presents options for the return journey irrespective of your choice for the outbound journey.

Starting from Netherlands, the platform now supports the following travel options:

  • Flights – worldwide; all airlines
  • Buses – worldwide; most recognized bus services
  • Car hire – worldwide; all major companies
  • Public Transport – worldwide; all urban places (real-time planning for Netherlands)
  • Trains – West Europe and North America
  • Carpool – All around Europe
  • Taxi’s – Netherlands only
  • Bicycle – Netherlands only

Whether a backpacker, a casual flyer or a lavish traveller, Combitrip caters to the needs of all types of travellers with a variety of search filters. All in all, the diverse features, easy functionality and a variety of travel options make Combitrip the best tool for travel planning.