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Rouen to Chamartín - by train, bus, air

If you plan on traveling to Chamartín from Rouen by Train and Bus, Combitrip shows all prices, schedules and duration for your convenience. 1297.4 km is the distance that separates Rouen [LAT: 49.44323, LNG: 1.09997] from Chamartín [LAT: 40.70278, LNG: -4.95652]. From Rouen to Chamartín, the travel time is around 18 hours 37 minutes by car. Traveling is sometimes about mixing and matching. Combining airlines and flight routes can give surprising cheap flights. Use Combitrip to find the best airfare deals for your trip. For long trips, Combitrip gives guidance in selecting options such as international trains, coaches, flights, and all relevant routes and modalities. If you are having a hard time deciding what option to take, Combitrip can help you with that.


The train station in Rouen is located near the center. The nearest airport to Rouen is located at 10.2 km (14 minutes by car) and is called Rouen Airport. More airports near Rouen.


The nearest train station to the center of Chamartín is located at 15.7 km (18 minutes by car) distance and is called San Pedro del Arroyo. More train stations near Chamartín. The nearest airport to Chamartín is located at 63.5 km (59 minutes by car) and is called Salamanca Airport. More airports near Chamartín.

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